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partsofgenerator.com online store was founded in 2022. Before that, we have 10 years of experience in offline sales. So we take quality very seriously. partsofgenerator.com is operated by Chan

Our business model

With the development of industrialization, the industrial demand for generators is increasing, and the demand for generator parts is also increasing.Some maintenance parts due to various reasons, the factory no longer continue to produce, and the inventory on the market is also decreasing, resulting in a tight supply of parts. For this reason, we introduce replacement parts that are perfectly compatible in function and application compared to the original model. We are committed to providing quality and efficient generator parts.
Generator spare parts include.
Generator controllers, actuators, speed controllers, AVR (automatic voltage regulators), MPU (magnetic pickups), Battery chargers, Solenoid Valves, Alternator Accessories, and many other Generator parts.

We sell replace generator-specific parts Original and copy including:
(the brands mentioned here are for reference only)
1. AVR ( Automatic Voltage Regulators): Stamford, Leroy Somer, Basler, Marelli, Marathon, Mecc Alte, Caterpillar, Kato, Kipor, Siemens, Universal, Gas Generator AVR;
2. Generator Controllers: DSE/ Deep Sea, HT Series;
3. Speed Controllers: Cummins, GAC, Kutai;
4. Actuators: GAC, Cummins;
4. Battery Charger: Deep Sea, Kutai, Universal;
5. MPU ( Magnetic Pickup, Speed Sensor): GAC, Cummins;
6. GAC EFC Interface Module;
7. Cummins Solenoid Valve;
8. Wilson Series: EIM, PCB
9. Sensors: Cummins, DATACOM, VDO
10. Gauges: Cummins, DATACOM, VDO
11. Alternator Accessories: Stamford RSK Diode Kit, Stamford Current Transformer (CT), Stamford Isolation Transformer, Leroy Somer Diode Rectifier Kit, Marathon Paralleling Module, Marathon Diode Kit.

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