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What is automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and why do diesel generators need to be equipped with one?

Diesel generator is a very important complex machine, especially when it is used in the work site or buildings. They are essential tools in case of emergency, and provide you with continuous and stable power security in the absence of power grid. However, people still don’t know much about diesel generators, especially the importance of automatic voltage regulators.

AVR is a solid-state electronic device, which is used for diesel generator to automatically maintain the voltage at the output end of the generator at a predetermined level. The voltage level in the generator may fluctuate, especially when the load or operating temperature fluctuates, and the AVR as part of the alternator excitation system is used to neutralize the output voltage. It stabilizes the output of the generator, often with inconsistent loads, but it can also separate the reactive loads between multiple generators operating in parallel (called voltage sag), and can assist the generator in case of overload.

Although it is small,  its appearance is similar to the motherboard of a computer – automated voltage regulator can control the output by comparing the voltage emitted by the terminals of the electronic induction generator with a predetermined voltage level. Then it sends an error signal to the exciter stator to adjust the excitation current (by increasing or decreasing the current), and the exciter stator adjusts the terminal to a higher or lower flow.

In short, the automatic voltage regulators will constantly monitor and adjust the voltage of the generator or used generator to maintain a fixed voltage level.

Why is AVR important for generators?

Diesel generators that are not equipped with automatic voltage regulator and are considered unregulated usually have problems meeting the power requirements of equipment or equipment connected to the generator. If you work closely with generators, you will know that a generator may need to supply power to a variety of equipment or machines. Many non regulated generators without AVR cannot adjust the voltage output by themselves. Therefore, if more equipment and machines need power – the more voltage output they need – the terminal voltage will gradually decrease, which means that the connected equipment will not have enough power voltage to fully supply power.

The use of automatic voltage regulators is crucial for generators, because if the voltage output is constantly changing or decreasing, rather than maintaining at a fixed predetermined level, it will affect the performance of generators and equipment connected to them.

The generator automatic voltage regulator also helps to maintain the output terminal at a safe voltage level and can provide surge protection. Without AVR, the generator may output a terminal voltage that is too high for the equipment or machine it supplies, which may overload the equipment. This will not only damage the connected equipment, but also may be very dangerous, resulting in electrical fire or electric shock. AVR can help the generator adjust the voltage level during overload to prevent electrical short circuit.

The use of automatic voltage regulators can improve the efficiency and prolong the service life of the generator, including the equipment connected to the generator. It specially monitors the voltage output to ensure that the voltage value is consistent. Without AVR, the voltage level may fluctuate violently and damage the machine.

Automatic voltage regulator for generator is an important device with many advantages because of its small size but powerful function. AVR is usually combined with other power quality capabilities, such as surge suppression and prevention, short circuit prevention, voltage balance, line noise reduction and harmonic filtering.

Automatic voltage regulator is a complex device. Its function is far beyond what we can see. It consists of many precision components, including contact voltage regulator, transistor regulator and computer-controlled regulator. All these parts together make AVR an important configuration of generator.

The purpose of automatic voltage regulator is to automatically adjust the output voltage of generator.


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