Diesel generator set maintenance cycle?

Diesel generator set maintenance method general technician may know, but diesel generator set maintenance cycle may be very few people know, in order to help you maintain diesel generators, to extend the service life. We will be divided into three maintenance cycles, as follows.

First-level maintenance period is usually: every 200-250 hours / 12 months
★ External cleaning of the set, including the cooling water tank external heat sink.
★ Dusting of the terminal box of the generator (electric ball).
★ Replacement of various filters.
★ Inspection and replacement of lubricating oil.
★ Inspection and replacement of cooling water.
★ Adjustment of various transmission belts.
★ Inspection of electrical system such as inspection and function test of connectors (protection system and automation system).
★ Inspection and adjustment of frequency.
★ Inspection and adjustment of voltage.
★ Electrolyte replenishment of batteries.
★ Inspection of the external connections of the unit (such as leaks and looseness).

The duration of secondary maintenance is usually: every 1000 operating hours / every 24 months
★ All services of the primary maintenance are included
★ Engine adjustments, such as valve clearance.
★ Inspection and adjustment of injection pressure of diesel injectors.
★ inspection and adjustment of ignition angle.
★ inspection of oil pressure and correction of oil pressure gauge.
★ inspection of cooling water temperature and correction of the water temperature gauge.
★ Checking of the charging of the battery by the charging generator.
★ Quality check of fuel.
★ Quality check of lubricating oil.
★ Quality check of cooling water.

The duration of tertiary maintenance is usually: every 2000 operating hours
★ Include all the service contents of the primary maintenance and secondary maintenance
★ Adjustment of high-pressure fuel pump such as oil supply
★ Removal of cooling water tank scale.
★ Muffler dirt removal.
★ Drive belt replacement.
★ Drying of the generator (electric ball) (for humid environment) cleaning of the oil tank at the base of the unit.
★ Maintenance of the starter motor carbon brush and bearing replacement.
★ Scale removal of cylinder cooling water jacket.

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