Why choose air-cooled diesel engine set in cold areas?

Although global warming is already an indisputable fact. But with the arrival of winter, most areas of China still have extremely cold weather. There are also some northern countries, the climate is more severe cold, in this climate, how to buy diesel generator sets?

Because most of the diesel generator sets are mainly water tank cooling, in this climate, the cooling water in the water tank is especially easy to freeze, thus causing damage to the water tank, resulting in unnecessary losses. Here, it is recommended to buy water jacket heaters for diesel generator sets or use air-cooled diesel generator sets.

The advantages of air-cooled diesel generator sets.

1, the use of practical evidence, water-cooled diesel generators have more than 25-30% of the failure is caused by the cooling system. And air-cooled diesel generators do not set up a water cooling system, so the number of failures than water-cooled diesel generators reduced by about 27%. Air-cooled diesel engine will not produce any corrosion, cavitation, rust and make the cylinder block, cylinder head, radiator inside the scale accumulation problem. Therefore, air-cooled diesel generator set is more suitable for war environment, it will not lose combat effectiveness due to water leakage from a bullet.

2, the normal service life of diesel engines, mainly depends on the piston group with the cylinder liner and other frictional vice grinding condition. And cylinder liner and other important wear amount, mainly depends on the engine in the dew point below the length of time working. As the air-cooled diesel engine cylinder wall temperature is high, heating up fast, so the maximum to avoid acid corrosion and wear.

3, air-cooled diesel engine in the case of a certain gas temperature, the higher the cylinder wall temperature, the less heat the diesel engine emits into the air, and therefore the higher the heat rate example, the better the fuel economy. Usually the cylinder wall temperature of air-cooled diesel generator is tens of times higher than that of water-cooled diesel engine, so its thermal efficiency is higher than that of water-cooled diesel generator. The same as the air-cooled diesel engine to the air less heat, so its cooling air volume, only about 2/3 of the water-cooled diesel engine, coupled with low fan power consumption, and thus the air-cooled diesel generator fuel consumption rate has become low.

4, air-cooled diesel generators in the case of -35 degrees, can still start well and work reliably, there is no danger of freezing the body, and do not need to use antifreeze or water heaters. Air-cooled diesel generators used in arid desert areas are not afraid of water shortages, used in the highlands of low pressure areas, will not be like water-cooled diesel generators have the phenomenon of cooling water boiling, used in coastal saline areas cylinder block, cylinder liner will not be damaged by direct erosion of cooling water.

5, water-cooled diesel generator radiator and the surrounding air temperature difference is small, because the radiator temperature is limited by the boiling point of the water. And air-cooled diesel generator cylinder head average cooling surface temperature of 170 degrees, and the surrounding air has a greater temperature difference, even in the hot environment will not happen like the water diesel generator that the risk of overheating boiling.

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