How to choose the power of the generator?

First of all, you must first determine the maximum power of your electricity. The power of the large generator must be 10% to 30% larger than the maximum power you set. If you choose a large generator with insufficient power, it will cause insufficient power and cannot work normally.  Do not buy a unit with too much power. Too large capacity will cause a waste of money.  can be 10% to 30% higher than the maximum power of the electricity you use. Here we provide the following three methods:

  1. Large-scale generator power estimation method
  2. Count the power of all electrical equipment in the unit: including production equipment, public facilities (such as elevators, etc.), office equipment, fire-fighting facilities, living facilities, etc., and calculate the total power.
  3. Estimate the capacity of various facilities that may increase in the future.
  4. Analyze the power in the facilities that already exist and are to be increased, and evaluate or find the starting power of such facilities.
  5. Finally determine the generator capacity or power
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