How to diagnose and repair when high speed and too little smoke?

Q: The engine low speed is normal but no high speed, smoke emission is too little, how to diagnose and repair?

A: The generator low speed is good, but the acceleration speed can never rise, run powerless, which is the cycle of insufficient oil supply.

1, the cause of the failure

① improper adjustment of the oil injection pump, so that the amount of oil supply is reduced.

② Generator governor spring reduces elasticity due to fatigue. When the throttle to the bottom, the oil volume adjustment lever can not move forward to the head, resulting in the injection pump to reduce the amount of oil supply, the engine can not reach the rated speed.

③ Injector pump plunger and sleeve, injector needle valve and needle valve body serious wear, so that when pumping diesel oil leakage increased, the amount of fuel supply relatively reduced.

④ Improper adjustment of throttle lever, or malfunction of throttle pedal, so that the throttle pedal can not be in place, resulting in too little fuel supply for full load.

⑤ Air enters in the oil circuit.

2、Diagnosis and treatment method

When the engine power is insufficient, if the low speed is good and the smoke emission is normal, it means that the engine combustion is good, that is, the diesel fuel injection quality is good, the oil supply start time is normal, the cylinder sealing is good and the air intake is sufficient.

① In the case of normal low-pressure oil circuit, first of all, you should check whether the tightness of the throttle pedal connection and the length of the connecting tie rod are properly adjusted. When the throttle pedal is at the bottom and the governor arm is at the maximum position, the high speed limit screw should be in contact with the limit block. Otherwise, it should be adjusted.

② Exhaust the air in the oil circuit.

③ Debug the injection pump on the injection pump test bench so that the fault can be removed.

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