How to distinguish between gasoline engine and diesel engine?

Q: How to distinguish between gasoline generators and diesel generators?

A: Distinguish between gasoline generator and diesel generator mainly from the ignition mode; volume and weight, displacement noise, cylinder pressure to distinguish four different things. The following is a detailed introduction for you.

The main difference between gasoline generators and diesel generators is the following four points.

1, ignition mode is different.

Diesel engines rely on atomized diesel fuel sprayed into the high-pressure gas self-ignition. Gasoline engine relies on spark plug ignition.
Diesel generators and gasoline generators are just different power sources, their generators are the same, generators in the normal operation and maintenance of life is very long, then the life of the unit is determined by the engine, to say that the life of diesel engines and gasoline engines who are long, there is no comparability, the overall life of the engine is certainly lower than the generator. There is a diesel generator: low operating costs, noise. Low-temperature starting difficulties; gasoline generators: low noise,. Low-temperature conditions, easy and fast start, high running costs. Generally adapted to low power, or portable generators.

2, gasoline generators small size, low noise, small displacement, easy to move suitable for light loads, generally used for small construction sites and indoor use.

3, diesel generators are bulky, displacement and noise are relatively large, not easy to move, but the power is large, suitable for heavy-duty occasions, generally used for self-powered units or large construction sites with.

4, the cylinder pressure is different. Diesel engine in the compression stroke stage is the compression of air; gasoline engine in the compression stroke stage is the gasoline and air mixture for compression.

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