How to inspect and repair the diesel generator radiator?

The main form of failure of diesel generator radiator is water leakage, the main reasons: in the work, the fan blades break or tilt, break the radiator water pipe, the radiator is not fixed firmly in the bracket, the work is subject to large vibration, so that the radiator is damaged; in winter, the radiator water pipe is frozen and cracked because there is stored water, impurities in the cooling water in the radiator water pipe to form scale, so that the wall is corroded and broken, etc.

Generally speaking, the diesel generator radiator after cleaning, and then leak check. When checking, the following two methods can be used.

1, the radiator inlet and outlet blocked, from the overflow pipe or drain plug part of the installation of a joint, playing into the 0.15-0.3kgf / cm2 of compressed air, and then the radiator into the pool. If there is bubbling place, that is, the place of broken leakage.

2、Inspection by irrigation. Check, the radiator into the water, the outlet blocked, from the water filler filled with water, observe whether the leak, in order to facilitate the discovery of small cracks, you can apply some pressure to the radiator or make the radiator slightly vibrate, and then carefully observed, the broken leak will have water seepage.

Solder repair radiator usually use the method of tin welding. Weld before wiping the oil at the weld, and then scrape the new metal layer, and then properly heated, the iron is hot in a zinc oxide solution dip, and then stick to the solder. Sticky and then repair the weld seam flat, use hot water to wash the zinc oxide around the weld seam to prevent corrosion.

1, the upper and lower water chamber welding repair: the upper and lower water chamber leakage is not large, you can directly repair with solder, such as broken leakage is larger, with purple steel skin welding patch. Weld the side of the steel skin and the broken leak first coated with a layer of solder, the steel skin on the leak, and then use a soldering iron in the external heating, so that the solder melts, will be firmly welded around it.

2, radiator water pipe welding repair: If the outer layer of the radiator water pipe is broken and the breach is not large, the water pipe near the heat sink with a sharp pliers to go a little, directly with solder patch welding. If the breach is very large or the middle water pipe leakage, it should be based on the specific body of the situation, respectively, the use of card pipe, plugging, take over and change the pipe method of flexible treatment. But the number of card and plugging the tube shall not exceed 10% of the total number of tubes, so as not to affect the radiator cooling effect.

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