How to prevent the temperature of diesel generator set from being too high in summer?

Has entered the hot summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, especially in the south, coastal and central areas, the generator itself generates heat during operation, coupled with the rise in temperature, the temperature is too high for diesel generator loss will be great. In order to prevent the summer coolant temperature is too high, we should pay attention to the following aspects in the process of use.

(1) Keep the exterior and interior of the cooling system clean
This is one of the important conditions to improve the cooling efficiency. Radiator external stained with mud, oil or heat sink due to collision deformation, will affect the passage of wind, radiator cooling effect becomes poor, resulting in high coolant temperature. Therefore, the radiator in this case should be cleaned or repaired in a timely manner. In addition, the cooling system accumulated scale, mud and sand or oil, will affect the coolant heat transfer. Fill with poor quality coolant or water, will cause the cooling system to increase the accumulation of scale, and the scale of the heat transfer capacity of only a few tenths of the metal, so that the cooling effect becomes poor. So the cooling system should be filled with high-quality coolant.

(2) keep the amount of coolant sufficient when the engine is cold, the coolant level should be located between the highest and lowest mark in the expansion tank, if the level is lower than the lowest mark in the expansion tank, it should be added in time. Note that the coolant in the expansion tank should not be filled to the brim and should be left to expand.

(3) Correct use of closed cooling system
Modern automobile engines are using closed cooling system, the radiator cap is sealed, and add an expansion tank. Engine work, coolant vapor into the expansion tank, cooled and then flow back to the radiator, can prevent a large amount of coolant evaporation loss, and can improve the boiling point temperature of coolant. The cooling system should use high quality coolant with anti-corrosion, anti-boiling, anti-freeze and water-proof scale, and must ensure sealing in use to receive the effect.

(4) avoid the engine in a large load working too long engine load, will cause the coolant temperature is too high.
For example, some small power car, the owner in order to pull more fast and increase the throttle, some cars in the summer so that the air conditioner running for a long time, etc., are prone to cause the engine “open pot” phenomenon. Therefore, the car needs high power operation (such as climbing), in order to prevent the engine temperature is too high, should promptly shift into a low-speed gear, to create when to reduce the engine load.

(5) Keep the fan tape tension moderate
Fan tape is too loose, so that the pump speed is too low, affecting the circulation of coolant, and will accelerate the wear and tear of the tape. But the tape is too tight, and will make the water pump bearing wear. In addition, the tape should not be stained with oil. Therefore, the tensioning force of the fan tape should be checked and adjusted regularly. To check, press the middle of the tape with your thumb, as shown in Figure 2, with a force of about 98N. If the tape deflection is about 10-15mm, it indicates that the fan tape tensioning force is appropriate. Otherwise, adjustment should be given. To adjust, move the generator positioning bolt position to change the tape tensioning force as shown in Figure 3. If the fan tape is replaced with a new one, the tape deflection should be about 8-10mm when the tension is tested.

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