How to properly discharge water and deal with water leakage in diesel generators?

Diesel generator set due to the external ambient temperature is too low, cooling water should be put in 15 minutes after the shutdown when the water temperature has dropped, and not immediately, otherwise it will be because the temperature difference between the body and the external environment is too large, resulting in some parts of the diesel generator set deformation, and then affect the performance of the diesel engine (such as cylinder head deformation and other problems).

Drain the water can not be turned on the water release switch will be all right, should also pay attention to observe the specific condition of the water flow, see whether the water flow is smooth, whether the water flow becomes small or fast and slow phenomenon. If these conditions, the cooling water contains impurities, impede the normal flow of water, it is best to remove the water release switch, so that the cooling water directly from the body out. If the water still does not flow smoothly, then the application of wire and other hard and thin steel items to unclog until the water flows smoothly.

When the cooling water out of the best diesel generator set and then shake a few turns, then those remaining, not easy to flow out of the cooling water will be due to the vibration of the diesel engine and the flow of net, so as to prevent the cylinder head on the water plug is frozen down, later cooling water into the oil case. The mechanic should also pay attention to the fact that if the water release switch is not removed, the water release switch should be turned on after the water release is finished, in order to prevent the remaining cooling water from freezing and damaging the corresponding parts of the diesel engine due to various reasons.

Radiator leak at the confirmation and repair.

1. will be radiator inlet and outlet blocked, from the overflow pipe or drain plug part of the installation of a connector, playing into the 0.15-0.3kgf / cm2 of compressed air. Put the radiator into the pool. If there is bubbling place, that is, the broken leak.

2. check with the method of irrigation. Check, the radiator inlet and outlet blocked, filled with water from the filling port, observe whether the leak, in order to facilitate the discovery of small cracks, you can apply some pressure to the radiator or make the radiator slightly vibrate, and then carefully observed, the broken leak will have water seepage. Solder repair radiator radiator welding repair is usually used in the tin welding method. Weld before wiping the oil at the weld, and then scrape the new metal layer, and then properly heated, the iron is hot in zinc oxide solution dip, and then stick to the solder. Sticky and then repair the welding seam flat, with hot water will be washed around the welding seam of zinc oxide to prevent corrosion.

3. on the upper and lower water chamber welding repair on the upper and lower water chamber leakage is not large, you can directly repair with solder, such as broken leakage is larger, with purple steel skin welding patch. Weld the side of the steel skin and the broken leak first coated with a layer of solder, put the steel skin in the leak, and then use a soldering iron in the external heating, so that the solder melted, will be firmly welded around.

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