How to Solve the Voltage Instability of Diesel Generators?

The output voltage of the generator is an important factor in the power generation efficiency of the generator. However, many people encounter the unstable voltage of the small diesel generator during the use of the generator, which has a great impact on the normal operation of the generator. For some manufacturers who use the economic efficiency of diesel generators, the economic loss caused by unstable generator voltage is very huge.

The instability of the output voltage of a small diesel generator can be caused by several reasons:
1. The generator is overloaded, and the large-scale electrical appliances on the load frequently start to cause large fluctuations in voltage.
2. Because the generator itself has bad factors, the excitation voltage is unstable or the carbon brush is in poor contact. Specifically, the excitation winding and the excitation power components can be inspected, including rectifier diodes and Thyristors and other RC components. Adjustable potentiometers are also often used. If contact is not good, care should be taken.
3. It may be due to the unstable speed regulation of the diesel engine. It automatically adjusts the output power according to the light weight of the load. The high-pressure oil pump supplies more oil and stabilizes the speed, and should be repaired or maintained.

The wiring of the wiring is loose, and it is necessary to check the connection parts of the small diesel generator set and repair it. The control panel voltage-current selection switch fails and the diesel generator set replaces the switch. The control panel voltage adjustment resistor fails and the Voltage Regulator resistor is replaced. The voltmeter fails and the voltmeter is changed. If the regulator is defective or the regulator is not adjusted, check the regulator. The diesel generator is running too much vibration and check the diesel generator set shock absorbers. The engine speed is unstable and the engine fuel system parts are adjusted or replaced to stabilize the speed.

Some solutions:

1. Adjust the generator voltage regulator: the voltage regulator of the generator can adjust the output voltage, by adjusting the voltage regulator to improve voltage stability.

2. Replace the voltage regulator: If you can not solve the problem after adjusting the generator voltage regulator, you need to replace the voltage regulator. Select a high-quality voltage regulator, or consult with the manufacturer to confirm the appropriate voltage regulator model.

3. Clean the generator: The generator may have dust, dirt and other contaminants that cause voltage instability. Regular cleaning of the generator can reduce the occurrence of these problems.

4. Check the electrical wiring: The electrical wiring of the diesel generator may be faulty, resulting in unstable voltage. Check the circuit connection to remove the fault.

5. Check the transmission system: There may be problems with the transmission system of the diesel generator, such as the tightness of the transmission belt, the adequacy of lubricating oil, the wear and tear of the transmission parts. These problems may lead to unstable generator load, causing voltage instability.

In short, the solution for diesel generator voltage instability needs to be selected according to the specific situation, which can be combined with a variety of means such as adjustment, replacement, cleaning and inspection in order to solve the voltage problem and ensure the normal operation of the generator.


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