How to store and install Generator sets and Controllers?

Since the environmental conditions have a great impact on the operation of diesel generator sets, there are a series of standard regulations on environmental requirements. The power calibrated by the diesel generator set is for a specific environmental conditions, environmental conditions refers to the diesel generator set operating location of the ambient atmospheric pressure, frustration and relative humidity, the following partsofgenerator for the detailed introduction of diesel generator set and the controller storage, installation and use of the location selection should meet the following conditions.

First, the storage and installation of diesel generator sets
1, bright and spacious engine room, good ventilation, low humidity, ambient temperature < 40 ℃.
2, the environment should be clean, no acidic, alkaline and other corrosive gases placed around the items.
3、If the unit is not fixed on the foundation, a rubber plate can be placed under the chassis to reduce vibration.
4. There should be good lighting equipment for night work, and protective cover should be added for outdoor use to avoid rain and exposure to the sun.
5, diesel engine exhaust pipe should be smooth, try to avoid the pipe is too long or sudden turn. When the exhaust pipe is connected to the outdoors, it is advisable to tilt the outer pipe downward a little so that the condensate in the pipe can be diverted out.
6、The following points should be done when installing the unit above 30KW.
(1) In order to reduce environmental noise, external muffling devices can be connected.
(2) Open cooling units must be equipped with additional cooling water pipeline to ensure adequate supply of cooling water.
(3) The battery should be connected according to the starting and charging circuit diagram in the Instructions for Diesel Engine Maintenance and Use.
(4) the level shall be measured with a level ruler during installation to ensure that the unit is fixed on a horizontal position foundation.
(5) The foundations are all made of concrete, but the foundations shall not be connected with the building foundations. The distance from the building wall to the unit is not less than 1.5 meters.
(6) after the installation of the generator shaft to the main shaft of the diesel engine should generally be less than 0.15 mm, and the runout of the generator axis to the flywheel end face should generally be less than 0.5/400.
(7) for personal safety, the generator and switchboard must be another ground wire, ground area is not less than the generator output line cross-sectional area. Ground wire can be connected to the underground water pipe or buried deep underground on the steel plate to ensure good grounding, grounding resistance shall not be greater than 50 ohms;.

Second, the working conditions of the generator set controller and storage conditions
Generator set controller general working environment: the temperature is in (-25 ~ +70)ºC, relative humidity: (20 ~ 90)% no condensation. Storage conditions: temperature: (-30~+80)ºC.

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