Main reasons for generator AVR damage and emergency power consumption measures after damage

We will introduce the main reasons for automatic voltage regulator (AVR) damage in generators and offers guidance on emergency power consumption measures to take after damage. It covers important topics such as overvoltage and undervoltage protection, short circuits, and improper maintenance practices. The page also provides practical advice on how to troubleshoot AVR damage and offers tips on how to minimize damage and prevent future issues. Whether you are a power generation professional or simply interested in learning more about generator maintenance and troubleshooting, this page provides valuable insights into the causes and solutions for AVR damage.

NO.1. Analysis of the main causes of damage to the generator AVR.

Generator voltage regulator AVR circuit consists of rectifier main circuit, voltage detection circuit, comparative control circuit three parts; excluding the possibility of damage caused by the quality of the original electrical components themselves, in the whole AVR circuit, the main circuit and comparative control circuit has the largest change in operating frequency; among them, the rectifier bridge of the main circuit and the transistor in the comparative circuit changes more frequently, and its damage ratio accounts for the whole block AVR damage rate of more than 90%; in view of the AVR on the imported generator is a non-disassembly parts, damaged to replace the new, so we mainly analyze the causes of AVR damage on the generator, as far as possible to avoid damage to the AVR is the most important, as long as the use of appropriate, can improve the service life of the AVR.

(1) The more stable the generator voltage, the smaller the frequency of change within the AVR; the smaller the switching action of the transistor in the comparison circuit, the smaller the chance of damage to the AVR.

(2) The output load is relatively stable, the smaller the frequency of change in the AVR, the smaller the switching action of the transistor in the comparison circuit, the smaller the chance of damage to the AVR.

(3) The more stable the speed of the diesel engine, the smaller the oscillating impact of the changing current on the AVR.

(4) Frequent “wandering” and overload, too much difference in the three-phase load is the main cause of AVR damage.

(5) choose the generator set with E, F, C fuel system, due to small frequency changes, the use of AVR will be more reliable.

NO.2., the generator AVR damage after the emergency power measures.

Although the generator AVR belongs to non-perishable parts, but for various reasons caused by abnormal damage, in the engine to the generator parts are good, because the AVR damage can not generate electricity and the urgent need for electricity, we can use temporary emergency measures to solve the urgent need for electricity troubles.

(1) Eliminate the AVR board and use only F1 and F2 as temporary excitation inputs;

(2) with the generator battery, add an excitation switch and 5W, 5K ohm varistor, non-running state, let the switch in the closed state, the engine reaches rated speed after opening the switch, the voltage is established, adjust the varistor to rectify the voltage at about 420V; if the generator control panel has a voltage regulator rectifier, by changing the wiring temporarily as a stable voltage for use.

(3) not all states can be used in the above method of power supply, the objective existence of the following conditions must be present to achieve the use of the requirements: A, the load ≤ 70%; B, the load ≤ 20%.

(4) This method should pay attention to whether the charging performance of the charger is good, and if the charger cannot be charged, add another 24V transformer of more than 20A, and use it in parallel with the battery after the whole, otherwise the electricity of the battery will be exhausted soon.

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