Precautions for Cummins diesel engine running in winter

We will introduce information on precautions to take when running Cummins diesel engines in winter. It covers important topics such as fuel and lubrication system maintenance, battery care, and engine block heating. The page offers insights into how low temperatures can affect diesel engines and provides guidance on how to prevent common issues, such as fuel gelling or battery failure. Whether you are a diesel engine operator or a maintenance professional, this page provides practical tips and advice for ensuring your Cummins diesel engine runs smoothly in cold weather conditions.

Possible Phenomena

1. If the Cummins diesel engine is parked in the open air after winter operation, you should always pay attention to the weather changes. When the local temperature is lower than 4 degrees, the cooling water in the cooling water tank of Cummins diesel engine should be released, because the volume of water changes greatly at 4 degrees. When the water changes from liquid to solid, the expansion and expansion of the volume will damage the radiator of the cooling water tank. 

2. In winter, due to the harsh working environment, it is necessary to replace the air filter frequently. As the cold weather is very demanding on the air filter and diesel filter, if not replaced in time, it will increase the wear and tear of the engine and affect the life of the diesel engine. 

3. When Cummins diesel engine starts in winter, the air temperature sucked in the cylinder is low, and it is difficult for the piston to reach the natural temperature of diesel after compressing the gas.

Consider these aspects:

  • Cooling system: Make sure that the concentration of antifreeze in the cooling system is appropriate to prevent the coolant from freezing or overheating at low temperatures. Also check whether the components in the cooling system such as water pump, radiator and heat exchanger are functioning properly.
  • Lubrication system: Use the right oil for low temperature and replace the oil filter regularly. Using a suitable oil heater in cold areas can improve the fluidity of the oil.
  • Prevent icing: make sure the quality of diesel fuel is qualified and add antifreeze when filling diesel fuel to prevent diesel fuel from icing at low temperature. Also to clean and replace the diesel filter in time.
  •  Battery maintenance: the battery is easy to self-discharge in low temperature resulting in reduced power or battery failure, so pay attention to the battery charging status and regularly clean the battery ends.
  • Start the machine: start the machine in low temperature may encounter problems such as starting difficulties and compressor life shortening, you can use appropriate oil changes, add preheaters and other measures to improve the reliability of starting.

Accessories that can be retrofitted

  • Preheater: Installing a preheater can preheat the diesel engine before starting to improve starting reliability and reduce mechanical wear and energy consumption.
  • Oil heater: The use of oil heaters in cold areas can improve the fluidity of the oil, thereby reducing engine wear and energy consumption.
  • Water heating heater: In high-power diesel generator sets, the use of water heating heater can recover waste heat for car washing, agriculture and heating, thus improving energy use efficiency.
  • Freeze guards: In winter, freeze guards can be installed in the cooling system to prevent the coolant from freezing and breaking at low temperatures.
  • Electric heaters: In low temperatures, the use of electric heaters can pre-heat hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil, thus better protecting the engine.

Without utility power, these accessories can work

It is true that these accessories need to be electrically driven, but in the event of no power or power outages, the following measures can be considered:
  • Oil heaters and water heaters: Oil and water heating can be heated by using the built-in oil source or by using diesel fuel combustion, without depending on the power supply.
  • Freeze guards: In freeze guards, the body’s own hydraulic system or compressed air can be used to operate without a power supply.
  • Preheaters and electric heaters: Preheaters generally require power to operate, but can be used to warm up the engine manually before starting. The electric heater can use the generator output as its power source, but it is important to arrange the load properly and make sure the generator power is sufficient.
In summary, these accessories need to be installed with the use of electricity in mind, and in the event of power outages and other situations, the use of power and load should be reasonably arranged to ensure the normal operation of the engine.


The Cummins diesel engine should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes after starting, in order to increase the temperature of the Cummins diesel engine, check the working condition of the lubricating oil, and then put it into normal operation after the inspection is normal. When the Cummins diesel engine is running, try to reduce the sudden acceleration of the speed or the maximum operation of the accelerator, otherwise the service life of the valve assembly will be affected .

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