Precautions for Cummins diesel engine running in winter

1. After the Cummins diesel engine runs in winter, if it is parked in the open air, you should pay attention to the weather changes at any time. When the local temperature is lower than 4 degrees, the cooling water in the cooling water tank of the Cummins diesel engine should be released, because the volume of water at 4 degrees The change is relatively large. When the water changes from a liquid to a solid, the expansion and expansion of the volume will damage the cooling water tank radiator.

2. In winter, due to the poor working environment , it is necessary to change the air filter element frequently at this time. Due to the high requirements for air filter element and diesel filter element in cold weather, if it is not replaced in time, it will increase the wear of the engine and affect the life of the diesel engine. .

3. When choosing oil for Cummins diesel engine in winter, you should try to choose oil with thinner viscosity.

4. When the Cummins diesel engine is started in winter, the temperature of the air inhaled in the cylinder is low, and it is difficult to reach the natural temperature of the diesel after the piston compresses the gas. Therefore, before starting the Cummins diesel engine, corresponding auxiliary methods should be used to increase the temperature of the Cummins diesel engine body.

5. The Cummins diesel engine should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes after starting, in order to increase the temperature of the Cummins diesel engine, check the working condition of the lubricating oil, and then put it into normal operation after the inspection is normal. When the Cummins diesel engine is running, try to reduce the sudden acceleration of the speed or the maximum operation of the accelerator, otherwise the service life of the valve assembly will be affected .

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