Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

The diesel generator is a very important complex machine, especially when it is used in the work site or buildings. They are essential tools in case of emergency and provide you with continuous and stable power security in the absence of a power grid. However, people still don’t know much about diesel generators, especially the importance of automatic voltage regulators.

An automatic voltage regulator is a solid-state electronic device, which is used for the diesel generator to automatically maintain the voltage at the output end of the generator at a predetermined level. The voltage level in the generator may fluctuate, especially when the load or operating temperature fluctuates, and the AVR as part of the alternator excitation system is used to neutralize the output voltage. It stabilizes the output of the generator, often with inconsistent loads, but it can also separate the reactive loads between multiple generators operating in parallel (called voltage sag) and can assist the generator in case of overload.

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