Speed Governor

The Speed Controller is an important component of the diesel generator set. It can automatically adjust the oil supply according to the change of the load of the unit, so as to ensure the diesel generator Genset works stably within the specified speed range. Generally, when the diesel generator set is working, the load will often change greatly. If the oil supply is not adjusted in time, the generator may have an accident. In the work of the diesel generator set, condition of frequent load changes, it is impossible to rely on the operator to adjust the oil supply and maintain a stable speed, so the governor must be installed.

According to different working principles, generator speed controllers can be divided into mechanical governors and electronic governors. In the mid-1970s, mechanical hydraulic generator speed controllers were widely used in generator sets or marine diesel engines powered by diesel engines or gas engines. With the need for energy saving, it is obvious that the traditional mechanical hydraulic governor on the market at that time can no longer meet the market regulatory requirements. The electronic governor can automatically increase or decrease the fuel supply in the fuel injection pump according to the change in diesel engine load so that the diesel engine can run at a stable speed.

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