AVR VR06 Generator Automatic Regulator Instead of Diesel Engine Kf306A


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**Genuine Alternative:** This is a high-quality aftermarket replacement for the Kf306A Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator

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VR6 is a three phase sensed Automatic Voltage Regulator and forms part of the excitation system for a brushless generator. Excitation power is derived from a three phased permanent magnet generator(PMG),to isolate the AVR control circuits from the effects of nonlinear loads and to reguce radio frequency interence on the generator terminals.Sustained generator short circuit current is another feature of the PMG system.



Sensing/Power input
Voltage 190-264VAC: MAX,2 phase 3 wires
Power input (PMG): 170-220VAC, 3phase 3 wires

Magnetic Field Output
Voltage: 120VDC
Current Continuous: 3.7A Intermittent 6A within 10 seconds

Pressure Regulating Accuracy
<±0.5% RMS with 4% engine governing


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