3044196 Governor Control Unit for Generator Genset


Substitute CUMMINS engine generator speed governor 3044196

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The EFC 3044196 is an engine speed controller designed by all electronic devices for CUMMINS actuator, the speed controller has fast and precise response to transient load changes. It has a wide speed control range.  For these controllers, separate circuits allow adjustments of proportional, integral and derivative values. These parameters work together to provide a control that results in fast and stable engine response to load changes while maintaining precise speed regulation of diesel.


 Input Supply 24 VDC ±20%
 Polarity Negative Ground (Case Isolated)
 Power Consumption 40 MA
 Maximum Actuator Current 4.5 A continuous
 Speed Sensor Signal 2-120 Volts RMS
 Performance Isochronous Operation/Steady State Stability ±0.25% or better
 Speed Range/Governor 1K to 6.5K Hz continuous
 Speed Drift with Temperature ±1 Max
 Idle Regulation 260±20 Hz
 Droop Adj. Max. 400 Hz., ±75Hz. Per 1.0A change
 Speed Trim Range ±200 Hz with 1 ohm connected
 Remote Variable Speed Range 25 to 100% of rated speed
 Impedance 1m ohms
 Environmental Ambient Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 Deg. C
 Relative Humidity Up to 95%
 All Surface Finishes Fungus Proof and Corrosion Resitant
 Reliability Vibration 20 to 100 Hz. 500mm/sec

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