AVR AS540 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Stamford Diesel Generator


Substitute Automatic voltage regulator Stamford AVR AS540

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The AVR AS540 is used in Stamford generators. The AS540 offers an optional feature for paralleling with multiple generators.

The AS540 AVR is an analogue, 2-phase sensing, self-excited automatic voltage regulator (AVR) incorporating an interface for the optional auxiliary winding for improved motor starting performance and sustained short circuit current.

The Generator AVR AS540 AVK provides closed loop control by sensing the alternator output voltage at the main stator windings and adjusting the exciter the stator field strength. Voltage included in the exciter rotor rectified by the rotating diodes, magnetises the rotating main field which includes voltage in the mani stator windings. A seff-excited AVR receives power from the alternator output terminals or a special auxiliary winding in the main stator winding.


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