AVR AVC63-4 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Diesel Genset


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Substitute Basler AVR AVC63-4 Automatic Voltage Regulator
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Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR AVC63-4 for BASLER Generator extremely rugged and reliable regulators provide performance and functionality that revolutionized the modern analog voltage regulator market, and they are still unrivaled today. Others have attempted to imitate AVC features and functions, but only the AVC remains the total solution.


Frequency50/60Hz,Jumper optional
VoltageMax 73VDC@220VAC input
CurrentContinuous 3.5A , intermittent 7A for 10 secs(52/105VDC)
ResistanceMin.15 ohm , Max 100ohm
Voltage Build-upresidual voltage at AVR terminal >5VAC
Voltage Regulation<±1% WITH 4% engine governing
Operating Temperature(-40°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature(-65°C to +85°C
External Volts Adjustment±10% with 2k ohm 1 watt trimmer
EMI SuppressionInternal electromagnetic interference filtering
Unit Power DissipationMax.8 watt
Under Frequency Protection60Hz system presets knee point at 54-61Hz
50Hz system presets knee point at 45-51Hz

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