AVR EA04C Compatible Single Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator For Diesel Generator


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Substitute KUTAI Series AVR EA04C
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AVR EA04C self excited brush-less type generator automatic Voltage Regulator is a compatible replacement for KUTAI Series AVR EA04C.


Sensing Input Voltage : 160-265 Vac / 300-550 Vac single phase

Sensing Input Frequency : 50Hz / 60Hz selectable

Power Input: 90-240 Vac single phase

Output Voltage : Max. 63 Vdc @ 240 Vac input

Output Current : Continuous 4A Intermittent 7A for 60 seconds

Resistance : Min. 15 ohms Max. 100 ohms

Voltage Regulation: < +/- 1% (with 4% engine governing)

Build Up Voltage: Residual voltage at AVR terminal > 5Vac

Voltage Thermal Drift: 0.05% per °C change in AVR ambient

EMI Suppression: Internal electromagnetic interference filtering

Unit Power Dissipation: Max. 8 watts

External Volts Adjustment: +/- 15% with 1KΩ 1 watt trimmer

Over Excitation Shutdown: Field volts shut down after a time delay if exciter field volts exceed 100 +/- 5Vdc

Under Frequency Protection: 50Hz system presets knee point at 45Hz

(Factory Knee Point Setting): 60Hz system presets knee point at 55Hz

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