AVR EA63-4 Single Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator For Brushless Generator


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Substitute BASLER AVR VC63-4A regulator
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AVR AVC63-4A EA63-4 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Diesel Generator Genset Volt Regulation.
AVR EA63-4 self-excited brush-less type automatic voltage regulator is a compatible replacement for BASLER VC63-4A regulator.


Sensing Input:Voltage 120(95~139) or 240(190~277), 1 Phase 2 Wire

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power Input:Voltage 95~139 VAC, 1 Phase 2 Wire

Output:Voltage Max. 63VDC

Current: Continuous 4A, Intermittent 7A for 60 sec. 9A for 10 sec.

Resistance: Min. 15Ω , Max. 100Ω

Voltage Regulation:< ± 1% (with 4% engine governing)

Voltage Build-up:Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 VAC

External Volts Adjustment:± 15% with 10 KΩ 1 watt trimmer

Thermal Drift:0.05% per °C change in AVR ambient

Unit Power Dissipation:Max. 15 Watt

EMI Suppression:Internal Electromagnetic Interference Filtering

Under Frequency Protection:Knee point adjustable range 45~55 Hz

Over Excitation Shutdown:Field volts shut down after time delay if exciter field volts exceeds 95 VDC ± 5%

Environment:Operating Temperature : -40~60 °C

Storage Temperature : -40~85 °C

Relative Humidity : Maximum 95%

Vibration : 1.5G @ 5~30 Hz , 5.0G @ 30~500 Hz

AVR Controls Functions:VOLT ADJ : Voltage Adjustment

STAB : Stability Adjustment

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