AVR GEN08 Automatic Voltage Regulator for ABB


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Replacement model for ABB GEN08 AVR

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Replacement model for ABB GEN08 AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator in regulator stock !

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) GEN 08 is applied to the AMG low-voltage synchronous generator series. The power input of this AVR can be provided by the auxiliary winding (embedded in the main fixed slot), or by the terminal voltage of the permanent magnet machine (PMG) or generator.


AVR GEN08 Automatic Voltage Regulator for ABB


Sensing input
Voltage: 110/230/400/480 VAC (SW1 selectable).
185-290 VAC at 230 VAC.
330-515 VAC at 440 VAC.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz (SW2-2 selectable).
49-60 Hz at 60 Hz, preset 57Hz.
Power input
40-50 Hz at 50 Hz, preset 47Hz.
Voltage: ≤260 VAC.
Frequency: 40-500 Hz.
Voltage: 170 VDC at 230 VAC input.
Current: continuous 6 ADC.
maximum 12 ADC /10s.
Voltage adjustable range
≥10 %
Excitation resistance
>5 Ω.
Voltage built-up
Residual voltage >5 VAC at 25 Hz.
External voltage adjustment R1,R2
±10 % with 1 kΩ resistance (5 W). ±10 % with ±1VDC analogue voltage.
Operation temperature
-40℃ to +65℃.


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