AVR SR7-2G,SR7-2 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Brushless AC Generator Alternator Genset Volt Regulation


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Substitute Automatic Voltage Regulator For Meccalte AVR SR7
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 SR7-2G AVR a negative feedback system, in which the constantly maintained variable is the alternator voltage output. This voltage, after adequate conditioning, is compared with a signal that is stabilised in voltage, temperature and age. The result is an error signal which, when opportunely amplified and compensated, produces a control level that enters an impulse width modulator.

The output of this modulator pulses an SCR with continuous excitation voltage produces in conjunction with, undergoing electromagnetic conversion by generator operation, transforms into generator output voltage. The value of this size is controlled by the “sensing” block.


AVR SR7-2G Automatic Voltage Regulator


The SR-7 regulator is an advanced 5A regulator designed to ensure excellent performance of the alternator. During the run and startup process. The regulator is equipped with a complete protection system for operating conditions that may pose a hazard to the machine. The SR7 regulator is suitable for all M.A alternators and is a standard power supply for three-phase and single-phase power outputs up to 85 kVA. This product is very practical generator accessories. High-quality electronic components ensure stable performance.
Model: SR7-2G
Detection and power input: 80-35V AC single phase two lines
Power input: voltage 50-270V AC frequency 50/60HZ
Magnetic field output: Voltage 220V AC input maximum 63V DC
Current: 6A continuous; 10A in 10 seconds without discontinuity
Pressure regulation accuracy: ±1%
System requirements: Brushless generator within 100KW

Package list:

1 * Generator Voltage Regulator

1 * Connect shim


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