AVR VR6 50/60 Hz AC Generator Voltage Regulator


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Substitute CAT Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR VR6
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VR6 AVR are contained in an encapsulated plastic case, and regulator controls the DC exciter field power ofconventional, 50 or60 HZ brushless generators. Regulation is provided by sensing the generator output voltage,converting it to a DC signal and comparing the signal to a reference voltage signal.

An error signal is developed the regulator includes frequency compensation with selectable slope,inverse time over-excitation shutdown, solid-state buildup circuitry,single-phase or three-phase voltage sensing, singlephase or threephase shunt, or permanent magnet power input, and parallel droop compensation, and an accessoryinput.

The accessory input provides compatibility with accessories such as a var/power factor controller.


Input: 180-280V AC, 50/60Hz, 1 or 3 phase
PMG excitation: 63-105 VAC 100/240Hz
3-phase sensing input: 180-280V AC, 50/60Hz 1 or 3 phase
CT input: 1 or 5A AC 50/60 Hz
ACC input: +/-3VDC. Output: 65V DC 12A DC

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