AVR WT-3 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Engga Alternator


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**Genuine Alternative:** This is a high-quality aftermarket replacement for the WT-3 Engga Automatic Voltage Regulator

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The AVR WT-3 is an encapsulated unit contained in a plastic case. The WT-3 AVR controls the dc exciter field power of conventional 50 or 60 Hz brushless generators that have a max 63Vdc exciter field to regulate the generator output voltage. Regulation is provided by sensing the generator output voltage, converting it to a dc signal and comparing the signal to a reference voltage signal. An error signal is developed and used to control the dc dield power in order to maintain a constant generator output.


AVR WT-3 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Engga Alternator


Using Environment 

Temperature: -20 to 60℃

Above sea level: <1000m

Relative humidity: <90%

Technical Data 


Voltage:190-264V ac

Frequency:50/60 Hz nominal


Voltage:90V DC

Current:continuous 8A dc

Intermittent 15A for 10 secs


Power input :70-140VAC, (PMG, or auxiliary winding, single and three phase)

Sensor detected 220-480VAC

Maximum output: DC 10A 125V

Protection: built-in low-speed, over Patrick, LAM, function

Adjustment rate: better than 0.5%

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