BOSEAN-FS-600 Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector | Beta-ray Nuclear Radiation Detection


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BOSEAN-FS-600 Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector| Beta-ray Nuclear Radiation Detection
The FS-600 is a compact and accurate radiation detector designed for monitoring X-ray, γ-ray, and β-ray radiation. It utilizes an energy-compensated Geiger-Muller (GM) tube as the detector, providing high precision and a wide measurement range. Equipped with a 32-bit microprocessor and a 64×128 dot matrix LCD display, the FS-600 is user-friendly and resistant to interference. It features an adjustable alarm function, where an alarm is triggered when the radiation level exceeds the set threshold, ensuring enhanced safety. The instrument’s counting indicators comply with international standards.


⭐️HIGH SENSITIVE – The high accuracy nuclear radiation detector has built-in acoustic and visual signals for the degree of radiation captured. Using a highly developed GM tube as the core sensor, ensuring accurate measurement, high sensitivity, wide range measurement , lasting benefits. double alarms of dose rate and metering threshold to ensure your safety.

⭐️SMART ALARM – The professional Geiger Counter with small errors and high accuracy of 0.01 USV/h to ensure accurate measurement. Enter the option of alarm setting to set the cumulative alarm value and the alarm value of dosage rate. When the radiation value exceeds the set value, the nuclear radiation dosimeter will alarm automatically. The daily use of nuclear radiation detector helps to avoid radiation hazards in daily life.

⭐️TWO POWER SUPPLY MODES – The nuclear radiation detector can use either 3*AAA batteries (included in the package) or Type-C usb cable (included in the package) supply power durectly. When the battery power is used up, you can buy new battery and replace it, or use the USB cable to plug in directly. However, if the dead battery is not replaced and the USB cable is unplugged, the machine will not work.

⭐️CLEAR READING – The nuclear radiation monitor responds quickly to radiation, and will alarm in time in high-risk environments. The instrument enjoys a high flexibility and can measure the environmental background. The detection value is updated in real time.

⭐️WIDE APPLICATION – Widely applied in the individual safety protection monitor and radioactive indication for work personnel in the following fields: nuclear power plant, accelerator, iron & steel industry, chemical industry, isotope application, industrial X and γ non-destructive flaw detection, radioactive medical treatment, Cobalt source treatment, γ radiation, radioactive laboratory and surrounding environment monitor of nuclear facilities.

Material: ABS
Color: Black & White
Detector: glass type G-M counter tube
Measuring range: 0.1μSv/h-10mSv/h
Dosage: 0.00μSv-10Sv
Sensitivity: >1cps/uSv/h (relative to 60Co)
The maximum dose equivalent rate: 99.99μsv/h
Voice source: real particle sound / alarm sound /mute
Alarm threshold: 0.5 (Adjustable)
The use of ambient temperature: -25 ~+45℃
Relative humidity: less than 95%
Energy response: 48keV-1.5MeV
Relative intrinsic erroe:<10%(at 1mSv/h)
Power supply: 3 x AAA battery (Not included) or USB cable (included)
Power consumption: <150mW
Temperature characteristics: -10°C~+ 50°C
Item size: 116*60*25(mm)
Item weight: 145g / 5.1ounce
Package size: 160*60 *25mm
Package weight: 160g


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