Brushless Generator AVR M16FA655A for MJB series Generators


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**Genuine Alternative:** This is a high-quality aftermarket replacement for the Marathon SE350 Voltage Regulator

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The AVR  M16FA655A Automatic voltage regulator type, is suitable for Synchronous Generators of MARELLI MOTORI make MJB series, size range 160-225 frames. The regulator is fully insulated in order to maintain high reliability also with severe ambient conditions (high level of humidity, dust, salt atmosphere), and in case of high vibrations level. The regulator is proper both for single and 3-phase generators.


Power supply voltage170÷277 V
(±10% of range tolerance, 50/60Hz)
Voltage sensing (single-phase)170÷277 V
(±10% of range tolerance, 50/60Hz)
Maximum continuous field current5 A
Maximum forcing field current (1 minute)8A
Maximum field voltage100 V
Field resistance8Ω ÷20Ω
Regulation accuracy±0.5 %
(steady state conditions, rated, balanced and non deforming load, constant frequency)
Thermal Drift±0.5 %
(% voltage change for 50°C change from Tamb, after 10 minutes)
Response time1 cycle
Operating temperature-30°C / +70°C
Weight320 g

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Brushless Generator AVR M16FA655A for MJB series Generators


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