CH2806 Battery Charger for Diesel Generator(6A12/24V)


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Diesel Generator Automatic Battery Charger CH2806 6A is specially designed for starting or working of storage battery in diesel engine. CH2806 is a intelligent model of switch structure. It is only one charger in market which can automatic identify charging voltage, current and can automatic switch over corresponding output voltage. The feature in constant pressure, constant current, tricking current,resistance of short circuit and fully automated function.


Diesel Generator 12V 24V Automatic Switch Battery Charger CH2806

Operation voltage:160-277VAC

Operation frequency:20-100HZ

Output voltage:12V / 24V automatic switch


Humidity:98% RH

1. For people safety, the grounding wire of this machine should be reliably grounded.
2. Although the machine has been treated with moisture and corrosion protection, Operators should avoid working in wet and corrosive places when using the machine.
3. The charger is in a continuous working state, and there must be a certain space for heat dissipation and ventilation during use.
4. The components in the charger have been adjusted and set accurately, Don’t adjust easily.

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