SYC6714 Diesel Genset Generator Synchronizer

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The Synchronizer monitors SYC6714 Control Panel, the phase and frequency of its generator and the main bus. These two AC Signals are electrically isolated from each other and from the governor speed control unit. A phase comparison of the two AC signals is made and a corrective analog DC Signal is generated. This correction signal adjusts the governor speed setting until the electrical phase error between the generator and the main bus is eliminated. With the two AC Signals and the enabling signal at terminal 5, the synchronization process will commence. Any phase error that results may be trimmed out by using the internal“Phase Error adjustment”. When the enable signal at terminal 5 is removed, the synchronizer will assume a neutral output.



Sensitivity50 VRMS -500 VRMS (line-to-line or line-neutral)
Frequency50 or 60 HZ Normal(400HZ, special order)
Isolation1000 V min.
1000 V min.less than2.5 VA
Low Voltage Range (terminals 8 and 9 connected)10-16 V DC
High Voltage RangeHigh Voltage Range
Current Requiredless than 200 ma
Capture Range+4% based on 3250Hz
Output Voltage3-7V DC
Breaker Closure Window Size-1°-25°
Relay Contact Rating(N.O. or N.C.)10A at 28VDC
Phase Error Adjustment Range±10°typical
LED’s-Synchronization IndicatorGreen LED
MainsRed LED
GeneratorRed LED
DC supplyRed LED
Synchronizer EnabledRed LED
Relay ClosureRed LED

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1 review for SYC6714 Diesel Genset Generator Synchronizer

    January 9, 2023
    With this accessory, the error of all the data is getting less and less
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