DSE 5210 Auto Start Control Module For Generator Genset DSE5210


Substitute Deep Sea 5210 Generator Controller DSE5210

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Description (Detailed Specification Download click here)

The DSE 5210 Genset Auto Controller designed to automatically start and stop diesel and gas generating sets that include non electronic engines. The module also provides excellent engine monitoring and protection features.

The Deep Sea 5210 Controller has the ability to monitor under speed, over speed, charge failure, emergency stop, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, fail to start, fail to stop, under/over generator volts, over current, under/over generator frequency, low/high DC battery volts, low fuel alarm and loss of the speed sensing signal. The module displays fault conditions on the LCD display and via the LED indicators on the front.


Power Supply: 8 to 35 Vdc Continuous

Cranking Dropouts: Able to survive 0 V for 50 mS, providing supply was at least 10 V, Before dropout and supply recovers to 5V.
Max Current:
Operating 425mA at 12 V & 215mA at 24 V;
Standby 250 mA at 12 V & 125 mA at 24 V.

Start Relay Output: 16 Amp DC at supply voltage.

Fuel Relay Output: 16 Amp DC at supply voltage.

Auxiliary Relay Outputs: 5 Amp DC at supply voltage.

Charge Fail / Excitation Range: 0 V to 35 V

Maximum operating current : 320ma at 12V, 215ma at 24v

Maximum operating current : 175ma at 12V, 95ma at 24v

Alternator Input Range: 15V(L-N) to 333V AC (L- N) absolute maximum

Alternator Input Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz at rated engine speed (Minimum: 15V AC Ph-N)

Magnetic Pick-up Voltage Input Range: +/- 0.5 V to 70 V Peak

Magnetic Input Frequency: 10,000 Hz (max) at rated engine speed

MAINS (UTILITY) SENSING INPUT RANGE: (DSE5220 only) 15V (L-N) to 333V AC (L-N) absolute maximum
Generator loading Relay Output: 8 Amp AC 250V.

Mains loading Relay Output: 8 Amp AC 250V

Panel Cutout: 220mm x 160mm ( 8.7”x 6.3”)

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