DVR2000E Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR For Generator


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Substitute Marathon DVR2000 Voltage Regulator

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AVR DVR2000E voltage regulator is a digital AVR. The AVR DVR2000E regulates the output voltage of a brushless, ac generator by controlling the current into the generator exciter field.


DVR2000E Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR For Generator


Features of Marathon DVR2000 AVR: Ø Four control modes: AVR, FCR, PF Regulation, VAR Regulation Ø Programmable stability settings Ø Adjustable start control Ø Over-excitation limiting in AVR/ VAR/ PF Control modes Ø Under-frequency regulation Ø Crowbar circuitry protects the field Ø Over-temperature protection Ø 3 phase or single phase generator voltage sensing ( AVR mode) Ø Single phase generator current sensing for metering and regulation purposes Ø Field current and field voltage sensing Ø 4 contact sensing inputs for system interface Ø 1 common output relay for alarm indication and trip Ø 6 protections: over-excitation shutdown / generator over-voltage shutdown, over-temperature shutdown, loss of alternator sensing shutdown, over-excitation limiting and crowbar shutdown. Ø Generator paralleling with reactive droop compensation and reactive differential compensation Ø Change settings from front panel


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