EG3002 Diesel generator speed governor speed controller

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The EG3002 is an electronic speed controller designed for precise speed control of diesel, and gasoline / petrol engines. The EG3002 installed together with a magnetic pickup / MPU and an actuator from the enginer governor assembly.

The EG3002 has adjustable idle speed and also adjustable fuel limilting function for controlling engine smoke and vibration during start.



Operating Voltage:  Voltage 12 or 24 Vdc +/-20%

Output Current :  Current 0.5 to 15 A

Run Speed Adjustment range:  Speed adjustment Potentiometer (30 turn), DIP Switch selection of MPU frequency range : 600 to 9500 Hz

IDLE Speed Adjustment Range: Run Speed 30 to 85%

Ramp Time: 3 to 20 Secs.

Remote Speed Potentiometer: Ext. Remote speed pot terminal 6, 7, 8 (ILS) and 6, 7, 9 connect a 5K ohms

potentiometer +/- 5% adjustment range.

Run Speed Stability : Less than +/ – 0.25% at steady stateat

MPU Input signal : 1 to 120 Vac

Droop: 4%

Settings:  Run Speed, IDLE Speed, Ramp Time, Droop,

PID settings : Gain, Integration (INT.), Differentiation (DIF.)

Temperature Stability: Less than 0.01%

Dimensions: 147.0 (L) x 114.0 (W) x 50.0 (H) mm

Weight: 690 g +/- 2%

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1 review for EG3002 Diesel generator speed governor speed controller

    June 7, 2022
    EG3002 diesel generator speed controller speed controller transport is fast and timely, the product performance is good, stable and reliable to use, can improve the operation efficiency and safety.
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