Electronic Actuator ADC225-12 for Diesel Generator


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The Engine Actuator ADC225 is a rotary output, liner torque, proportional servo. This electromechanical actuator is typically used as an engine fuel control positioning device. An internal spring provides fail safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut off position when the actuator is de-energized. This design combines fast operation, multi-voltage usage, wider rotation angles, and proven reliability. The actuator can operate directly from 12, 24, or 32 volt battery supplies.


ower Input
Operating Voltage 12, 24, or 32 VDC
Normal operating Current 1.5 A at 24/32VDC
Maximum Current-Continuously Rated 4A at 24V/ 32 VDC

Available Torque Max 2.2 ib-ft (2.7Nm)
Maximum operating shaft Augular Travel 25± 1 degree CW/CCW

Temperature Range -65 to + 200°F(-54° to +95 °C)
Relative Humidity Up to 100%
All Surface Finishes Fungus Proof and Corrosion Resitant

Vibration Up to 20 G 100 50-500 Hz.
Testing 100% Tested

Dimensions See Diagram 1
Weigh1 8 lbs.(3.5kg)
Mounting Any position, Vertical Preferred

Mating Hardware
Connector ACB 225/ADB 225 EC 1000/ MS3106R 14S-6S (6 pins)
Connector ADC 225 Supplied with Actuator
Lever ACB 225/ ADB 225/ADC225S LE 1400-2
Lever ADC225 LE 1500-2
Rod End Bearings (to attach a 1/4- 28THD linkage rod to the lever) BR 200(right hand) / BR201 (left hand)

Wiring harness ADC225 Supplied with Actuator
Wiring harness ACB225/ ADB225 Various Lengths availale


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