ESD 5522E Electrical Generator Speed Control Governor Unit ESD5522E


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Substitute GAC Speed control unit ESD5522E

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Generator Frequency Control Electronic Speed Controller ESD5522E is rugged enough to be placed in a control cabinet or engine mounted enclosure with other dedicated control equipment. If water, mist or condensation may come in contact with controller, it should be mounted certically. This will allow the fluid to drain away from the speed control unit.

The ESD speed control is compatible with proportional Actuators except the ACB2001 electric actuator since this high torque actuator also requires current limiting. Ruggedly built to withstand all engine environments, the ESD’s STARTING FUEL and SPEED RAMP features will minimize engine exhaust smoke experienced prior to attaining engine operating speed and  smooth out response.



Generator Frequency Control Electronic Speed Controller ESD5522E
Isochronous Operation/Steady State Stability± 0.25% or better
Speed Range/Governor1K-7.5K Hz continuous
Speed Drift with Temperature± 1% Maximun
Idle Adjust CW60% of set speed
Idle Adjust CCWLess than 1200 Hz
Droop Range1-5% regulation
Droop Adj. Max. (K-L Jumpered)400Hz., ± 75Hz. per 1.0 A change
Droop Adj. Min. (K-L Jumpered)15Hz., ±75Hz. per 1.0 A change
Speed Trim Range± 200Hz
Remote Variable Speed Range500 -7.5Hz. or any part thereof
Terminal SensitivityJ: 100Hz., ± 15Hz/Volt @ 5.0 K Impedance
L: 735Hz., ± 60Hz/Volt @ 65 K Impedance
N: 148Hz., ± 10Hz/Volt @ 1Meg. Impedance
P: 10V DC Supply @ 20ma Max
Speed Switch Adjustment Range1000-10000Hz.
Ambient Operating Temperature Range-40°c to +80°c
Relative Humidityup to 95%
Supply12 or 24V DC Battery Systems(Transient and Reverse Voltage Protected)
PolarityNegative Ground(Case Isolated)
Power Consumption50mA continuous plus actuator current
Maximum Actuator Current at 2510Amps continuous
Speed Sensor Signal0.5-120 Volts RMS

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