ESD 5330 Speed Controller Unit for Generator Genset ESD5330


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Substitute GAC Speed control unit ESD5330
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The ESD5330 speed control unit is rugged enough to be placed in a control cabinet or engine mounted enclosure with other dedicated control equipment. The circuit board is conformally coated to seal out moisture and resist vibration. If water, mist or condensation can come in contact with the controller, it should be mounted vertically. This will allow any accumulated fluids to drain away from the speed control unit.


The ESD5330 Series his several special built in features:

  • A Two Element Speed Switch (overspeed sensing and crank termination)
  • Speed Ramping from Idle to Operating Speed
  • Starting Fuel Control for lower engine exhaust emissions
  • A unique actuator power drive circuit


Isochronous: ± 0.25or bettor

Operating Speed Range: 1K – 7.5 Hz continuous

Speed Drift with Temperature: ± 1% maximum

Idle Speed Adjust Range: 25 – 85% of rated speed

Droop Range: Adjustable from 0-5% for a 1.5 actuator current change

Speed Trim Range: ± 200 Hz

Remote Variable Speed Range: 25 to 100% of rated speed

Speed Ramp Time

Acceleration adjustment range: 266 Hz/Sec to 1300 Hz/Sec

Deceleration adjustment range: 250 Hz/Sec to 1000 Hz/Sec


Starting Fuel Adjustment

0 – 1.5A: 120, 175, 225, 275 Actuators/SW2-7 “OFF”

0.3 – 4A : 2000 Aduator/SW2-7 “ON”

0verspeed Set Point : 2400 Hz to 8300 Hz

Crank Termination Set Point: 200 Hz t0 2050 Hz

Terminal Sensitivity

H: -105 Hz, ±15 Hz/Volt @ 5 K Impedance

M: -130 Hz, ±15 Hz/Volt @ 1 M Impedance

K: -685 Hz, ±40 Hz/Volt @ 225 K Impedance

N: +1000 Hz, ±50 Hz/Volt @ 8 K Impedance


Ambient 0perating Range: -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)

Relative Humidity (Noncondensing) : up to 95%

All Surface Finishes: Fungus proof and corrosion resistant

INPUT POWER – Nominal Ratings

DC Supply: 24 ±20% VDC battery systems: (transient and reverse voltage protected)

Maximum Continuous DC Supply Voltage : 32 Volts

Polarity : Negative ground (case isolated)

Power Consumption (Engine Stopped): 100 MA (No actuator current)

Speed Signal Range : 0.5-50 VAC

Maximum Actuator Current: Internally limited to 9 A continuous

Maximum Current,

Speed Switch Contact (Terminals 1-6): 6 Amps


Vibration: 1 G @ 20-100 Hz

Shock: 10 G (11 ms)

Testing: 100% functionally tested


Dimensions : See FIGURE 1 Wiring Diagram and Outline (page X)

Weight: 2.0 lbs (0.91 grams)

Mounting: Any position, vertical preferred

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