AVR AVC63-7 Generator Analog Voltage Controller


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Substitute Basler Voltage Regulator AVC63-7
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The AVC63-7 AVR Voltage Regulator is an encapsulated unit contained in a plastic case. The regulator controls the dc exciter field power of conventional, 50 or 60 Hz brushless generators that have a 63 Vdc exciter field to regulate the generator output voltage. Regulation is provided by sensing the generator output voltage, converting it to a dc signal and comparing the signal to a reference voltage signal. An error signal is developed and used to control the dc field power in order to maintain a constant generator output.


REGULATION ACCURACY: Better than ±.25% no load to full load.

RESPONSE TIME: Less than 1.5 cycles for ±5% change in sensing voltage.

EMI SUPPRESSION: Internal electromagnetic interference filtering.

VOLTAGE BUILDUP: Internal provisions for automatic voltage buildup from generator residual voltages as low as 6 Vac.

TERMINATIONS: 1/4 “Fast-On” Terminals

POWER DISSIPATION: 35 Watts maximum.

OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40°C (-13°F) to +60°C (+140°F).

STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -40°C (-40°F) to +85°C (+185°F).

VIBRATION: Withstands 1.2 Gs at 5 to 26 Hz; 0.036” double amplitude at 27 to 52 Hz; and 5 Gs at 53 to 1000 Hz.

SHOCK: Withstands up to 15 Gs in each of three mutually perpendicular axes.

WEIGHT: 10 oz. (0.28 kg) Net.

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