LSM672N Generator Speed AC Motor Controller Module

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LSM672N Load Sharing Module is used to share load (the system frequency must be constant) in proportion among 2 or more generator sets, which is more like an additional device to this electronic governor system. This model can measure the true power,and control the system through parallel cable connection. It also has ability of monitoring forward and reverse power, which can effectively protect gen-set.

The unit is typically mounted in the generator set control cabinet with the other dedicated control equipment. Position the unit so that the natural flow of cooling air is not obstructed. The unit’s three large burden resistors will dissipate up to 6.25 watts each.


Specification (Detailed Specification Download click here)

Range of Share:0-100%
Accuracy of Share:-/+2%
Adj. Range of Reverse Power Protectioin:1-20% 2 sec delay
Adj. Range of Forward Power Protection:20%-100% 2 sec. delay
Return Adj. Of Forward Power Protection:0-80% 2 sec. delay
Power Output Signal0-7.5V DC at 0-100% load
DC Power Provide Input Range:13-32V
Power Dissipation:6.25W
NOTE: above parameters were tested at 5A CT
Input Limitation Parameters
AC Input Voltage:260-420V
CT Current:5-6.5A

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1 review for LSM672N Generator Speed AC Motor Controller Module

    September 13, 2022
    This is a very high quality product that is very stable to use and is one of my most trusted controllers.
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