1kW-4kW Horizontal Diesel Genset Coolant Preheater and Thermosiphon Heating without Pump, thermostat 50 degrees


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The 0.5KW-4KW 220V Generator Water Heater FS-001 Engine Electric Coolant Heater is an efficient device designed for preheating the coolant of a generator. It operates on a 220V power supply and has an adjustable power range from 0.5KW to 4KW. With electronic temperature control, this heater allows precise temperature regulation of the coolant to meet various requirements. It is compatible with different engine models and features easy installation and operation. This certified product ensures reliable quality and is an ideal choice for generator maintenance and upkeep.


Water Jacket Heater Constant Temperature Device for Units
1. Made of 304 stainless steel material, making maintenance and replacement of spare parts extremely easy.
2. Equipped with high-end precision heating tubes for shorter heating time.
3. Insulation resistance: ≥10MQ.
4. Electrical strength: 1500V/1MIN (normal condition).
5. Temperature control range: 30-50°C.

Installation Method of Water Jacket Heater
1. Drain the cooling water from the unit.
2. Select a suitable position on the unit’s base beam and securely fix the heater horizontally using bolts, with the outlet facing upward.
3. Connect the heater’s inlet (horizontal interface) to the lower connection of the water tank using a rubber hose, and connect the outlet (vertical interface) to the upper water passage hole of the unit. Tighten the clamps at both ends of the inlet and outlet hoses to prevent water leakage.
4. Open the back cover of the heater’s electrical enclosure, connect the power cord and grounding protective wire to the terminal block, and close the electrical enclosure.
5. Check the positions of components in the heater and pipelines to ensure proper installation and firmness.
7. Fill the unit with coolant and start the engine (about two minutes) to allow the coolant to circulate fully within the unit, ensuring the removal of air from the unit’s pipes. Check for any water leakage in the new pipelines.
After the unit is shut down, connect the heating power supply. At this time, the heater should be in working condition, and the temperature at the outlet of the heater should gradually increase. If not, immediately cut off the power, remove any air from the pipelines, and then reconnect the power for operation.

Safe Use of Water Jacket Heater
1. Users should select the appropriate heater based on their specific usage conditions when placing an order.
2. The heater should be installed with proper grounding.
3. Before connecting the power supply to the water jacket heater, check if the machine’s cooling water meets the operational requirements of the unit. If valves are installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the heater, check if they are in the open position.
4. The unit’s cooling water should be clean and free from impurities. If the long-term-used cooling water contains various impurities and sediment, it is recommended to loosen the drain screw at the bottom of the heater to discharge the impurities and sediment. If there is a significant amount of impurities and sediment in the unit’s water circulation system, it will severely affect the service life of the heater. In such cases, promptly drain the unit’s cooling water, and flush the unit’s cooling water system with clean water.


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