MPU MSP6734 3/4-16 UNF Threaded Generator Speed Sensor


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3/4-16UNF-2A Diesel Engine Magnetic Pickup MSP6734 Speed sensor indicates when ring gear teeth, or other ferrous projections,pass the tip of the sensor.Electrical impulses are induced within the coil and sent to speed control unit.The signal from the magnetic speed sensor,teeth per second is directly proportional to engine speed.


3/4 – 16 UNF Thread Generator magnetic pickup sensor
Product # Thread   Length Harness   Length Connector With   Mating Connector
MSP67243.45in (88mm)3in (76mm)AUTOMOTIVENo
MSP6724C3.45in (88mm)3in (76mm)AUTOMOTIVEYes
MSP67343.45in (88mm)4in (100mm)FLYING LEADS No
MSP67353.45in (88mm)2.25in (57mm)PACKARDNo
MSP6744 2.3in (58mm) n/aSTUD TERMINALSNo

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