MPU MSP679 5/8-18 UNF Threaded Generator Speed Sensor

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Generator Magnetic Pickup Speed Sensor MPU MSP679 Threaded indicates when ring gear teeth, or other ferrous projictions,pass the tip of the sensor.Electrical impulses are induced within the coil and sent to speed control unit.The signal from the magnetic speed sensor,teeth per second is directly proportional to engine speed.


5/8-18 UNF   Threaded Generator Speed Sensor
Product # Thread   Length Harness   Length Connector With   Mating Connector
MSP6743in [76.2mm]High Output 913Ω MilitaryNo
MSP6753.19in [81mm]7in [178mm]Flying   LeadsNo
MSP6765in [127mm]1ft [0.3m]Flying   LeadsNo
MSP6773in [76mm]naMilitaryNo
MSP6784.86in [123.4mm] naMilitaryNo
MSP6793in [76.2mm] naMilitaryYes
MSP67104.86in [123.4mm] naMilitaryYes
MSP67192.37in   [60.2mm]1ft [0.3m]   HarnessFlying   LeadsNo
MSP67203.86in [98.1mm]1ft [0.3m]   HarnessFlying   LeadsNo
MSP67213.19in [81mm]2.75in [70mm] AutomotiveNo
MSP6721C3.19in   [81mm] 2.75in   [70mm] AutomotiveYes
MSP6722 2.37in   [60.2mm] 6in   [152mm]Push-On   TerminalsNo
MSP67283.19in [81mm]6.25in [159mm]PackardNo
MSP6728C 3.19in   [81mm]6.25in [159mm]PackardYes
MSP67323.16in [80.3mm]3.25in [82.6mm]Dual   PackardNo
MSP6732C3.16in [80.3mm]3.25in   [82.6mm]Dual   PackardYes
MSP67433.5in   [89mm]High Output   1.2kΩ#8-32NC-2A   Threaded Stud TerminalsNo

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1 review for MPU MSP679 5/8-18 UNF Threaded Generator Speed Sensor

    May 20, 2023
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