Original DSE 6010 MKII Manual | Auto Start Control Module For Generator Genset DSE6010MKII


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The Original DSE 6010 has been discontinued, Original DSE6020 has completely replaced it.
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The Deep Sea Controller DSE6010 is an Auto Start Control Module and the Deep Sea DSE6020 Generator Controller is an Auto Mains Failure Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single, diesel or gas, gen-set applications.

Deep Sea Controller 6010 monitors speed, frequency, voltage, current, oil pressure, coolant temperature and fuel level, the modules will display warnings, shutdown and engine status information on the back-lit LCD screen and illuminated LED.

Deep Sea DSE6010 MKII offer electronic (CAN) and non-electronic (magnetic pick-up/alternator sensing) engine versions and offer a number of flexible inputs, outputs and engine protections so the system can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of application demands.

Deep Sea DSE6010 MK2 can be easily configured using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software. Selected front panel editing is also available.



The control unit is designed to allow the operator to start and stop the generator and, if required, transfer the load to the generator manually or automatically.

With the Deep Sea Electronics 6010 control unit the user has the facility to view the operating parameters of the system via the LCD display.

The DSE6010 MKII module monitors the engine, indicating operational status and fault conditions, automatically stopping the engine indicating the fault condition and displaying it on the Deep Sea Electronics LCD screen.

This model has a powerful ARM processor and is a fundamental part of the module, allowing the incorporation of a complex range of features to be taken into account:

– Text displayed on the LCD screen.

– True RMS for voltage monitoring.

– Current and power monitoring.

– USB port connection.

– Motor parameter monitoring.

– Configurable inputs for use as alarms and other additional functions.

– ECU interface for electronic engines.

The use of a PC and Deep Sea Electronics configuration software allows modification of selected operating sequences, timers and alarms. In addition, the configuration editor integrated in the module allows instant adjustment of the information.

The DSE module has a robust plastic housing designed for easy mounting, connections to the module are made via connectors and sockets.

Access to critical operational sequences and timers can be used by qualified engineers for configuration and protected by a security code for restricted access. The control panel can also be protected by PIN code, parameters can be modified from the front panel of the module.


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