AVR R230 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Diesel Generator


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Substitute Leroy Somer Automatic voltage regulator AVR R230
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The R230 Automatic Voltage Regulator is transistor controlled and monitored, thereby providing excellence regulation regardless of load distortions. The voltage accuracy is +/- 0.5% in a stable.


*The alternator with shunt excitation is self-excited with an R230 voltage regulator.

*The regulatormonitors the exciter excitation current as a function of the alternator output voltage.

*Very simple in design,the alternator with shunt excitation has no sustaining short-circuit capacity.

*Voltage Regulation:around +/-0.5%

*Voltage supply/sensing range 85 ~139 V (50-60Hz)

*Rapid response time (500 ms) for a transient voltage variation amplitude of ± 20%

*Voltage setting P1
*Stability setting P2.

* Initial potentiometer settings :

1) P1 potentiometer (AVR voltage adjustment): fully anti-clockwise.

2)  Remote voltage adjustment potentiometer: centre position.
Run the alternator at its rated speed. If the voltage does not increase, the magnetic circuit should be remagnetized (see section 2.3).

3) Turn the AVR voltage adjustment potentiometer P1 slowly until the output voltage rated value is obtained.

4) Adjust the stability setting using P2.

5)  Sealed potentiometer P3 is factory set at 48 Hz for 50 Hz and 58 Hz for 60 Hz

Sensing InputVoltage85 to 139 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
OutputVoltageMax 75 V dc at 100V ac input
CurrentContinuous 4A dc; Intermittent 8A
Resistance15 ohms minimum

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