AVR R731 Automatic Voltage Regulator for Diesel Generator


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Subsitute Leroy Somer Voltage Regulator R731
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AVR R731 has 1 main job and is to provide 3 phase sensing. Regulators such as the R250, R438 and R450F only allows you to sense line 1 and 3 giving you line 2 unmonitored. In the event there is unsustainability with line 2 the regulator will not have any reading therefore it cannot react. With the R731 the module will monitor all 3 lines providing the generator and operator complete sensing on all line activities. This is vital in critical applications such as telecommunications, data centers, health care and government. The R731 will be an added cost but a small cost to protect your entire investment has no comparison.


Voltage sensingthe voltage sensing is done three 2VA single phase transformers
Input Voltage
High voltage tap (400V)340V ±5% to 480V ±5%
Medium Voltage tap (230V)200V ±5% to 240V ±5%
Low voltage tap (110V)90V ±5% to 140V ±5%
Voltage Droop
Current sensingC.T. for // operation
Locationstandard line 1(U), option line 2(V)
MAX. Continuous current1.3A
Normal current1A
MAX. current for 10s10A
1.The R731 is an analogic Automatic Voltage Regulator with transistor.
2.The voltage sensing is done with three 24VA single phase transformers.
3.The R731 module is designed to be installed vertically next to the voltage regulator

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