Voltage Regulator GAVR AVR 12A AVR-12A GAVR-12A


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Universal 7 Amp 1/2 Wave Self Excited Dip-Switch Programmalbe Automatic Voltage Regulator
Features of AVR AVR-12A

² < 1% Regulation

² 220/440 VAC Programmable Input

² Rugged Compact Design

² With Under Frequency Protection

² Soft Start Voltage Ramping

² EMI Suppression

² Built-in Hihg Capacity 10Amp Fuse


Voltage Regulator GAVR AVR 12A AVR-12A GAVR-12A


Specifications for AVR GAVR-12A

² Sensing Input of AVR 12A : Voltage 180~260VAC,1phase2wire

² Power Input for Voltage Regulator 12A: Voltage 180~260VAC,1phase2wire

² Output of AVR GAVR-12A: Voltage Max.90VDC@240VACinput

² Current of Voltage Regulator AVR-12A: Continuous 4A

² Intermittent 7A for 10SEE.

² Resistance Min.12 Max.100

² Voltage Build-up: Residual volts at AVR terminal>5VAC

² External Volts Adjustment: 7%with 1K 1watt trimmer

² Soft Start Ramp Time: 2sec.

² Unit Power Dissipation: Max.8Watt

² EMI Suppression: Internal Electromagnetic Interference Filtering

² Thermal. Drift: 0.03%per change in AVR ambient

² Under Frequency Protection: 60Hz system presets knee point at 55Hz

² (Factory Settings) : 50Hz system presets knee point at 45Hz

Environment of GAVR 12A

Vibration 3G@100~2K Hz

Relative Humidity <95%

Operating Temperature -40~65℃

Storage Temperature -40~85℃


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