Reasons and solutions for the unstable voltage of diesel generator sets?

There are many reasons for the unstable voltage of diesel generator sets. I believe that many users will encounter the following situations in the process of using diesel generator sets. The following table:

Reasons for Voltage Instability of Diesel Generator SetsSolutions and Countermeasures
Part of the wire connection is looseCheck the connection parts of the diesel generator set and repair it.
The voltmeter fails and the voltage is unstable        Replace with new voltmeter.
Bad generator regulator board or unregulated regulatorDouble check that the voltage regulator is not bad or not properly adjusted. Instant replacement or adjustment.
Control panel voltage-current selection switch failureReplace diesel generator switch.
It may be that the speed of the engine is unstable and the voltage is unstable.Adjust or replace diesel fuel system parts to stabilize speed
It may be caused by excessive vibration during the operation of the diesel generator setInstantly check whether the shock pad of the generator set is damaged or the set is unbalanced.
Control panel voltage adjustment resistor failedReplace the voltage regulator resistor.

Very extreme cases

Voltage instability in one of the three phases of the generator may be caused by
  • Generator rotor fault: A rotor fault may cause an unstable voltage in one of the generator phases, such as a shorted rotor winding, damaged rotor core, and other problems.
  • Parallel circuit failure: One of the parallel circuits in the generator may have a fault, such as a capacitor failure.
  • Line problems: The wires of the line connecting the collector ring to the regulator may be broken, loose or poorly wired.
The following measures can be taken to address the problem of unstable voltage in one of the phases:
  • Check the rotor: Check if the rotor is damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • Check the capacitor: Check if the capacitor connected in parallel in the generator is damaged and needs to be replaced.
  • Check the wiring: Check the wiring connections to eliminate problems such as broken circuits, loose or poor wiring.
In short, it is important to check and deal with the specific situation to solve the problem of unstable voltage in one of the three phases of the generator to ensure the normal operation of the generator and the stability of the output voltage.
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