Solenoid Valve

What is the diesel generator solenoid valve ?

The electromagnetic actuator of a diesel generator includes two positions electromagnetic actuator, DC proportional electromagnetic actuator, and a rotary proportional actuator. The electrical coil of the electromagnetic actuator of the diesel generator also becomes a solenoid. The structure and working principle of the current solenoid are basically the same as that of the solenoid valve. When the armature of the current solenoid is connected with the valve, it becomes a solenoid valve.
The function of electromagnetic actuator: change the mechanical oil supply mode of the diesel engine to electric automatic oil supply, and can automatically and synchronously adjust the oil supply volume with the change of load. The speed sensor and speed controller are also used together with the actuator.
Electromagnetic actuator components:

1. Electromagnetic actuator (energized coil: after being energized, a magnetic field is generated to push the mechanical push rod. Mechanical push rod is connected with the oil pump rack to control the oil volume).

2. speed sensor (used to sense machine speed).

3. speed controller (the central part of the whole system, which is responsible for collecting sensor signals and outputting commands to actuators).

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