The reason why the engine works rough, how to deal with it?

Rough work refers to the engine in the combustion process, the piston is located in the upper stop near the rapid combustion of diesel combustion during the period more, the pressure rise rate is higher resulting in a crisp metal knocking sound when the engine work, and produce vibration shaking, rapid acceleration rhythmless knocking sound intensified, while black smoke, high speed when the knocking sound weakened or disappeared. This phenomenon will greatly affect the service life of the engine.


Reasons for rough work occurring may include:

  • Improper fuel injection
  • Inadequate combustion of fuel due to carbon or rubble in the combustion chamber
  • Lubrication system failure
  • the worn pistons
  • improperly adjusted valve clearance
  • High pressure oil pump pressure is too high or too low

How to check

To check the engine for rough work problems, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start the engine and allow it to reach operating temperature. Then accelerate the engine and listen for a crisp metal knocking sound and determine if there is any vibration shaking.
  2. Carefully observe the exhaust emission condition, if you find black smoke, it means incomplete combustion.
  3. Check the wear of the pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, valves and turbocharger to make sure they are not visibly damaged or worn.
  4. Check whether the fuel nozzle and high-pressure fuel pipe and high-pressure fuel pump are working properly to ensure adequate fuel injection, and to check whether the working pressure of injectors and fuel pump is normal.
  5. Check whether the oil and filter element are clean and whether the oil pressure is stable. Replace the oil and oil filter element in time to keep the oil clean.
  6. Adjust the valve clearance to ensure that the valve and piston clearances meet the normal standards.
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