What are the components of diesel generator ?

Many users in the purchase of diesel generator sets, the most concerned should be the price, but most users will think that the same configuration, the price should not vary greatly. In fact, there are many factors that determine the price of diesel generating sets. Below we share the details of diesel generator price components.

1, the power of the generator set: the power of diesel generators are not the same, the price varies a lot.

2, the power of the diesel engine: the price of different power diesel engine also varies a lot.

3, the brand of the diesel engine: the same power, but the brand is not the same as the price of the generator set also has a certain difference. For example, domestic and joint venture or imported brands, the price difference is a lot.

4, the brand of the generator is not the same, the price will also be different; for example, domestic Stanford and genuine imported Stanford, the difference is huge.

5, the excitation of the generator: brush excitation and brushless magnetism, the price also has a certain difference.

6, . Diesel generator set function difference: different functions of the diesel generator, the price has a certain difference; for example, some generators only general functions, display current, voltage and frequency; some generators with automatic protection function, protection of the generator set water temperature, oil pressure, speed and current; some generators with automation: automatic start, automatic shutdown function; there are generators with automatic Start, automatic stop function, but also with automatic switching function, so the price is not the same.

In addition: diesel generator sets and other accessories, all users should pay attention to when buying, accessories are not complete, the price is not the same, such as: generator sets with shock absorbers, silencers, exhaust pipes, bellows, bends, batteries and battery connection lines.

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