What are the treatment methods for noise reduction of diesel generator sets?

Non-silent diesel generator sets are generally very noisy, will cause harm to the surrounding life of the residents, as people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, the requirements of environmental protection is also getting higher and higher. Like diesel generator sets such as noise, strong air pollution equipment people often pay special attention. So, how can we effectively reduce the noise of the generator set to reduce the impact of the large noise of the generator set on people’s production life? 

Generally for the noise of the generator set using the following treatment methods.


the diesel generator room for noise reduction treatment

Its method is into the exhaust air noise reduction, the generator room into the air channel and exhaust channels are made of soundproof walls, into the air channel and exhaust channels set up muffler. There is a distance in the channel for buffering, so as to reduce the intensity of the sound source radiated from the engine room to the outside.
Noise reduction in the machine room requires separate treatment of the above noise generation causes, mainly the following methods.  

  1. Inlet and exhaust air noise reduction: The inlet and exhaust air channels of the machine room are made into sound insulation walls respectively, and sound-deadening pieces are set in the inlet and exhaust air channels. There is a distance in the channel for buffering, so that the intensity of sound source radiated outward from the machine room can be reduced. 
  2. control of mechanical noise: the top of the generator room and the surrounding walls are paved with sound absorption coefficient of high absorption, sound insulation materials, mainly used to eliminate indoor reverberation, reduce the density of sound energy and reflection intensity in the engine room. To prevent noise from radiating outward through the door, set up a fire-retardant iron door.  
  3. control of smoke exhaust noise: smoke exhaust system in the original first-class silencer on the basis of the installation of special secondary silencer, can ensure effective control of the unit smoke exhaust noise. Smoke exhaust pipe length of more than 10 meters to increase the diameter of the pipe to reduce the exhaust back pressure of the generator set. The above treatment can improve the noise and back pressure of the generator set, through noise reduction treatment, the noise of the generator set in the engine room outside can reach the user’s requirements.
  4. Regular maintenance of the generator set, cleaning filters, replacing lubricants, etc., can ensure the normal operation of the generator set and reduce the generation of noise.

direct purchase of silent diesel generator sets

Directly install the generator set in a closed silent speaker inside, which is installed with sound-absorbing cotton, and then install the wind shield, the bottom of another fuel tank, so that the generator set is completely in a sealed state, the benefits of such a silent diesel generator set is easy to move, it is not affected by the size of the engine room, and rain and dust.

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